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Serving Manhattan, Roosevelt Island, Astoria and Long Island City


Fast, professional computer assistance in your own home or office.

PC repair. SOHO networking. Security analysis.

A lot of folks don't realize that, much like a car, your computer needs regular maintenance to keep working properly. Especially if it's a PC running Windows. Without proper maintenance, your PC's performance will slowly deteriorate. It will take longer and longer to accomplish the same tasks. Applications will begin to behave sluggishly and erratically and eventually may cease to work at all!

So, whether it's Windows XP or Windows 98, MAC or Linux, notebook or desktop, Psybear Consulting is your one stop computer solution.

If you require in home computer services, I can help you. Whether it's setting up a new system, installing software or just getting you started on the right track

Have you wanted to network your computers at home? You can do it! Wired or wirelessly.

For older systems I will clean up spyware infestations, virus infections and set you up with the secure, fast box you've missed.  And remember, no job is too small.


When it comes to computer repair, installation and management, look no further. I'm the computer geek for all your computer repair and information technology needs.

Have you been thinking of getting your own web site? Whether you want a personal home page, a blog or something to aid your business've come to the right place. Ask about getting your web page up.

Having trouble with your Mac or Linux box? Just call.



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Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer
Cisco Certified Network Associate
Certified Novell Administrator
CompTIA A+ Certified Professional



A free web browser that claims to cover your tracks when visiting pornographic sites turns out to be a click fraud engine, security firm Panda Software has claimed.

The Spanish firm issued a warning on Friday that Browsezilla installs malware which periodically connects to web pages with adult content. The pages are not visible to the user, as the objective is to fraudulently increase the number of hits on the sites, Panda Software claims.

Browsezilla is a browser, which according to its website - "don't use history", "don't save cache" and "don't save URL". It also allows users to save their bookmarks on a remote server. The browser appears to be most popular in Italy.

Browsezilla immediately responded to Panda's press release, claiming the information is "false and puts the serious loss to reputation of our browser, and also puts the financial losses connected with significant reduction number of users, number of potential users and refusal of other sites in cooperation".

The Browsezilla website was purportedly registered last year by a John Smith, residing at 12 Upper Woburn Place, London. However, this address turns out to be a brasserie situated in the Ambassadors Hotel, "which serves a variety of French dishes and offer a banqueting service".


Microsoft boss Steve Ballmer said the launch of operating system Windows Vista could slip back even further.

Vista was originally due for release in late 2002 or 2003, under the Longhorn name. It was then delayed until Christmas 2005, another deadline that slipped past. In March this year, Microsoft said the software would not be ready until January 2007.

And today Ballmer said this date may move again: "Certainly, when Windows Vista comes to the market next year, and it will be next year, we will make sure that we make a high quality product, ship a high quality product, when it's ready.".

Having missed the Christmas target, Microsoft is in discussions with computer manufacturers about the best time to ship the software





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Psybear Consulting is an open source LAMP (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP) site.PDF:124k(PDF: 124k)

Psybear Consulting


Beatrice V:
"All I had was a dark screen and a blinking cursor.
In less than 1 hour Psybear had me
back up and running with no data loss. I'm so glad I called."


David N:
"I really needed to network my Mac with all the graphics to my PC and connect my notebook wirelessly. Psybear set me up efficiently and securely."